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The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) is the result of shared efforts between Pearson’s Evaluation Systems, an advisory committee of college and university educators, and certified Arizona teachers currently active in the schools. Questions are carefully designed to reflect skills, competency, values, knowledge, and objectives central to the work of Arizona public school teachers and administrators.

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Art Exam
Basic Skills: Reading Comprehension, Writing, Mathematics Exam
Biology Exam
Business Exam
Chemistry Exam
Economics Exam
Elementary Education Exam
English Exam
French Exam
Geography Exam
German Exam
Health Exam
History Exam
Library/Educational Media Exam
Mathematics Exam
Middle Grades General Science Exam
Middle Grades Language Arts/Reading Exam
Middle Grades Mathematics Exam
Middle Grades Social Studies Exam
Music Exam
Physics Exam
Political Science/American Government Exam
Principal Exam
Professional Knowledge-Secondary Exam
Professional Knowledge-Early Childhood Exam
Professional Knowledge-Elementary Exam
Social Studies Exam
Spanish Exam
Special Education: Cross-Category Exam
Special Education: Early Childhood Exam
Special Education: Emotional Disability Exam
Special Education: Hearing Impaired Exam
Special Education: Learning Disability Exam
Special Education: Mental Retardation Exam
Special Education: Orthopedic Impairments/Other Health Impairments Exam
Special Education: Speech and Language Impaired Exam
Special Education: Visually Impaired Exam
Superintendent Exam
Supervisor Exam

Tests are objective and criterion referenced. They are intended to determine which candidates possess an acceptable level of essential academic knowledge, professional knowledge, and essential skills that have been identified for Arizona teachers or administrators. Examinees’ test results are reviewed against time-honored standards. Examinees are not ranked in relation to one another. The Arizona State Board of Education determines passing AEPA scores. These determinations are based in large part upon the recommendations of professional and experienced Arizona teachers and teaching instructors.

The tests are designed to assess professional knowledge and subject-area knowledge. These tests are in addition to the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona test. Those intending to earn administrator certification are required to pass the appropriate certification test for superintendent, principal, or supervisor.

The Arizona Academic (K-12) Standards, the Arizona Professional Teaching Standards, and the Arizona Professional Administrative Standards are given consideration in the design of these tests. Each of the areas includes selection-response questions which are electronically scored. Three areas-professional knowledge, subject knowledge, and administrator-add performance prompts that must be answered with a written or oral response. Register to take the AEPA exam at the AEPA website.

Teaching in Arizona: What You Need to Get Started

When Mark Van Doren said, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery,” he hit on the reason teaching is such a personally satisfying career. There’s a special joy that comes from seeing students grow in knowledge and understanding. And whether you’re drawn to elementary teaching, specialized high school instruction, or one of the many special education arenas, teaching in Arizona can be both rewarding and lucrative.

It takes more than just wanting to teach to get a great job in the education field, however. All teachers must meet Arizona’s certification requirements, which measure how much you know about teaching, the subject you intend to teach, and both the Arizona and U.S. Constitutions. Then you must decide what kind of school you want to teach in—public, private, charter, or independent school. Then there is applying for a job and interviewing, which is your best chance to impress your prospective employer.

You can increase your chances of being successful as a teacher if you go into the process prepared. This site contains information to help you prepare to become a teacher, as well as present yourself as the best candidate for the job during interviews. It includes information about Arizona teacher certification requirements, job hunting tips, and salary data. We’ve also included a list of resources to help you find job openings, network with other educators, and gain support once you begin your teaching career.

Becoming a teacher may seem like an arduous process, especially if you’re just starting out in the education field. But it doesn’t have to be. Especially when you have the information and support provided here.

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