AEPA Basic Skills: Reading Comprehension, Writing, Mathematics Exam

The AEPA Basic Skills Exam shows the level of basic knowledge required for an educator and is often given to students in education training. The test covers three subsets of information:

Reading Comprehension-identifying main ideas and points of view, using comparison and contrast, drawing conclusions, and organizing material to enhance study skills. The test also covers using context to define unknown words, evaluating purpose for writing, and interpreting charts and tables.

Writing-basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, use of voice and logic in written materials. The test taker must comprehend thesis statements and determine how to support them in a logical manner.

Mathematical reasoning-number concepts, probability, integers, decimals, fractions, percents, order of operations, coordinate systems, solving problems with one or two variables, setting up and solving word problems, understanding geometric concepts, solving algebraic expressions, and using graphs, tables, and charts.