AEPA Chemistry Exam

The AEPA Chemistry Exam measures capabilities based on the Arizona Academic Standards to determine qualifications for teaching chemistry. The test has five sections, weighted as follows:

Scientific Inquiry, 23% of the test: understand the historical significance of chemical advances, the procedure for scientific inquiry, and the application of chemistry to other sciences and society.

Matter and Atomic Structure, 23%: structure and properties of matter and atoms, uses of the periodic table, kinetic theory and gas laws, and chemical notation.

Energy, Chemical Bonds and Molecular Structure, 20%: thermodynamics and energy in chemical bonding, types and formation of bonds, and structure of organic molecules.

Chemical Reactions, 19%: reaction rates and mechanisms, equilibrium, acid-base and redox reactions, formation of organic molecules, and nomenclature.

Quantitative Relationships, 15%: mole theory and how it relates to reactions, balancing chemical equations, and properties of solutions.