AEPA Economics Exam

A passing score on the AEPA Economics Exam qualifies a person to teach economics in Arizona public schools. The material on the test comes from four sections of economics.

The first part is Basic Economic Concepts and Microeconomics, which comprises 28% of the test. The test taker must know basic economic concepts and terms, such as scarcity, opportunity cost, and production possibilities, and understand how these concepts relate to the marketplace.

Macroeconomics, Economics Theories, and

International Economics make up 36% of the test. These areas require a basic understanding of micro- and macroeconomics, the effect of taxation and regulation on business, and principles of banking and international trade. The third part, worth 18%, is Economic Inquiry Skills, which covers methods for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting economic research. 18% of the AEPA Economics Exam includes a section on

Consumer Economics, which involves planning budgets and financial decision making, understanding consumer marketing and advertising, and applying basic rules of credit management and investment.