AEPA Elementary Education Exam

The AEPA Elementary Education Exam tests applicants over basic principles for elementary teachers. There are five subareas of the test.

Language Arts: 25% of the test. Test takers will be asked questions about reading skills, including phonics; word identification methods; comprehension; reading literary and informational material; and the six traits of writing.

Mathematics: 21%. The test will cover number theory and concepts, data analysis, probability, algebraic functions, geometric shapes, and reasoning and logic.

Science: 21%. You will need to understand methods of scientific inquiry, as well as the history of science and how science relates to society. Also tested will be the basic principles of life science, physical science, and Earth and space science.

Social Studies: 21%. The test asks questions about American and world history, various political systems, the roles of local and federal government, and basic concepts of economics and geography.

Arts: 12%. The test taker needs to know basic concepts of visual arts, music, theatre, and dance.