AEPA English Exam

To qualify to teach English in Arizona public schools, you must receive a passing score in these four areas based on Arizona Academic Standards.

The first area on the AEPA English Exam is Reading, 33% of the test, and it covers reading techniques for acquisition, interpretation, and analysis of literary material, as well as metacognitive techniques for comprehension and characteristics of various genres of literature.

The Writing section of the exam is worth 34% and includes understanding styles and techniques for many types of writing, including essays, research papers, and persuasive writing. The questions also cover revision techniques.

Third is Listening and Speaking, 22%. The test taker must understand listening and speaking strategies for purposes of information, entertainment, and critical analysis, as well as methods for effective listening and speaking in groups, whether formal or informal. Viewing and Presenting, 11%, covers the use of visual and electronic media.