AEPA Exam Practice

If you want to pass one or more of the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments the first time, you should plan to give considerable time to AEPA practice. First, consider what your learning style is. Some people learn best without distractions, others need a radio. Some listen to tapes and memorize, others need to take lots of notes. Trying to force yourself into a style that isn’t really yours will only waste time and money. Plus, there’s a good chance you won’t do as well in the test as you could with your own style of AEPA practice. While it’s a good idea to ask other students how they like to study, remember that what works for one person might be counterproductive to another. Buying a text, study guide, or flashcards, downloading online materials, joining a study group, or signing up for a class are all options. Whatever your approach, you’ll find that repeating a substantial number of practice test questions is essential to your success. This work is important for every candidate. We want you to succeed, and so we’re going to give you a number of free AEPA practice test questions to get you going-no strings attached!

If you are a more mature candidate, you probably prefer preparing using a physical book or study guide. Some younger candidates might also prefer the organized approach books offer. Reviewing chapters with marginalia may be the best type of test prep if you fit this category. Younger applicants who’ve spent a lot of time learning online might find books and guides too much to lug around. For them, downloading AEPA practice materials is a better fit. Candidates with a spouse, children, and work obligations might find that flashcards are the best approach. Instead of losing time in traffic or at the doctor’s, you can productively drill yourself with flashcards. Your spouse and little guys would probably love to be invited to help your study by quizzing you with flashcards or the free test questions. This is not only a good way to spend quality time with them; it also makes them an important part of the process. Of course, this means their eagerness to support you in your AEPA practice will triple!

Regardless of your preferred study approach or learning style, spending a little time discovering the range of materials designed to support your efforts will positively affect how well you do.

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