AEPA French Exam

The AEPA French Exam tests seven areas.

Listening Comprehension, 16% of the test. The test taker must be able to understand spoken communications from everyday life in French.

Reading and Vocabulary, 29%. This section evaluates a person’s understanding of various reading skills, including identifying main ideas and placing events in the correct sequence. It also assesses how well the test taker selects language for normal activities.

Language Structures, 22%. You must understand linguistic components of French and be able to analyze sentences to determine correct word usage.

Cultural Understanding, 16%. The test will cover the historical and social development of French-speaking countries, including literature, arts, and sciences from French history.

Foreign Language Methodology, 16%. Questions will be included on current theories of foreign language methodologies and how to use them in a classroom.

Oral Expression: The test taker must show the ability to discourse in the language.

Written Expression: Test-taker must demonstrate written facility with French.