AEPA Geography Exam

The AEPA Geography Exam analyzes test takers’ understanding of geographical concepts as required under the Arizona Academic Standards.

The first content area is Geographic Concepts and Skills (25%). It includes basic geography skills and an understanding of the processes that shaped the Earth. Also covered are the use of maps and globes, the relationship of Earth to the universe, and the connectivity between geography and history.

The second area is World Geography (34%). For this section, the test taker must understand the major physical features of the Earth, along with patterns of climate, resources, population, and cultures.

For the section on United States and Arizona Geography (25%), the test covers questions on physical features of Arizona and the United States, as well as patterns of climate, population and resource distribution, transportation, communications, and social and cultural characteristics. Fourth, the test taker should understand trends in demographic changes, energy use, and geopolitical and cultural issues for a section covering Contemporary Issues and Future Trends (16%).