AEPA German Exam

The AEPA German Exam measures your ability to teach German as a foreign language in Arizona public schools in accordance with Arizona Academic Standards. Seven sections will be covered in the test.

Listening Comprehension, 16%: The test taker must correctly understand and interpret spoken communication from everyday life.

Reading and Vocabulary, 29%: You must show comprehension of a variety of written materials and the ability to use correct German words, including idioms.

Language Structures, 22%: The test taker must be able to understand linguistic components of the German language and analyze sentences to choose the correct missing word.

Cultural Understanding, 16%: The test taker must show knowledge of the cultural, social, and historical context of German-speaking people.

Foreign Language Methodology, 16%: Knowledge of the correct methodology for teaching a foreign language must be demonstrated, including the five “Cs”-communication, culture, comparison, connections, communities.

Written Expression: The test taker is required to compose written sentences and paragraphs.

Oral Expression: Ability converse in German is assessed.