AEPA History Exam

To prove competence in teaching history in the Arizona public schools, the test taker must answer questions in three areas.

The Concepts and Skills (17%) section covers key historical concepts, organizing research, and geographical skills.

World History (45%) examines the development of cultures and civilizations from ancient to modern times and includes regions of the world: Asian, African, European, and the Middle East. It also covers time periods, such as the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution, as well as the impact of various world religions.

The history of the United States and the state of Arizona comprises 38% of the test. The test taker must understand the factors that shaped the development of the United States, colonial settlement, wars, the Westward Expansion, and the impact of immigration on the country. The rise of the United States to a world power will also be covered. In addition, knowledge is also assessed regarding major events in Arizona history.