AEPA Library/Educational Media Exam

The AEPA Library/Educational Media Exam tests your qualifications to practice this specialty in Arizona public schools. The test covers four sections.

The Library/Media Program part, 27%, tests your knowledge about the following: the roles of a school library media program; connections with school curriculum; information beyond the school, such as online sources and public libraries; and professional responsibilities.

Information Literary Skills and Strategies, 23%, covers principles of teaching information skills and research strategies, methods for interpreting and evaluating information, and communication skills. Another section of the AEPA Library/Educational Media Exam is Curriculum and Resources, which comprises 23% of the test. This section requires an understanding of the types and applications of information resources, the characteristics of literature for children and young adults, the acquisition of resources and equipment, and the design and production of instructional materials.

The final part, Program Administration and Leadership, 27%, tests for an understanding of the role of the library/educational media specialist in both the school and community, including duties related to staff leadership, fiscal management, and the organization of a library.