AEPA Physics Exam

To pass the AEPA Physics Exam and qualify to teach physics in Arizona public schools, a test taker must answer questions in five areas.

Scientific Inquiry, 19% of the test: You must understand the process of scientific investigation, how to conduct inquiries in a classroom setting, and how to collect, organize, and report scientific data.

Mechanics and Heat Energy, 36%: You will be tested on concepts of force and motion, energy and fluids, and thermodynamics.

Electricity and Magnetism, 15%: You must explain the characteristics of electric charge, fields, and currents, as well as magnetic fields and electromagnetic induction.

Waves, Sound, and Light, 15%: You must demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of waves, including interference, and apply this knowledge to sound and light waves. The AEPA Physics Exam will cover questions on sound waves, electromagnetic waves, refraction, and reflection.

Quantum Theory and the Atom, 15%: Describe the particle and wave theory of matter, atomic structure, and elementary particles and know the principles of radioactivity.