AEPA Political Science/American Government Exam

The AEPA Political Science/American Government Exam determines qualifications for teaching these subjects in the Arizona public schools, according to Arizona Academic Standards. There are three parts to the test.

The Concepts and Skills (21%) section covers terms, concepts, theories, and methods for gathering and interpreting information.

The second part is Political Thought, Comparative Government, International Relations (21%). The test taker will answer questions on the history of political thought, a variety of governmental systems, diplomacy and international organizations, and U.S. foreign policy.

The last section, United States and Arizona Government (58%) covers the development of government in the United States, the Constitution, and the structure and function of the government, as well as the roles of economic systems and political parties. Also included are sections on the election process, state and local governments, and responsibilities of citizenship. The state government of Arizona and the government of American Indian nations in Arizona will also be covered.