AEPA Spanish Exam

To show competence to teach Spanish in Arizona public schools, you must have a high score on the AEPA Spanish Exam. Seven areas will be tested.

  1. Listening Comprehension, 16% of the test: Be able to understand spoken everyday language and infer meaning.
  2. Reading and Vocabulary, 29%: Understand, interpret, and compare literary texts and decipher common language, including idioms.
  3. Language Structures, 22%: Be able to comprehend linguistic components of Spanish and change sentences or supply missing words.
  4. Cultural Understanding, 16%: Have knowledge of the history, social character, literature, and technological developments of Hispanic cultures.
  5. Foreign Language Methodology, 16%: Be able to recognize trends and methods of foreign language teaching and apply them in the classroom.
  6. Written Expression: Provide correctly written materials in Spanish.
  7. Oral Expression: Converse in the language, showing a mastery of vocabulary, sentence structure, and narrative styles.