AEPA Special Education: Cross-Category Exam

The AEPA Special Education: Cross-Category Exam measures one’s ability to teach in Arizona public schools. The exam covers four parts.

Understanding Students with Special Needs, 29% of the score, shows your knowledge of learning and emotional disabilities, including mental retardation and physical impairments.

The second section, Assessing Students and Developing Individualized Education Programs, 26%, shows understanding of testing methods, making placement decisions in a multidisciplinary setting, using ongoing assessments, and developing IEPs for students with special needs.

The AEPA Special Education: Cross-Category Exam includes a section worth 32% entitled Promoting Student Development and Learning. This section contains questions about fostering a positive learning environment; using methods to enhance student’s reading, writing, math, and functional skills; and teaching transition to adult life. It also covers the implementation of behavior interventions.

The last part of the test, Working in a Collaborative Community, 13%, emphasizes communication between home, school and community.