AEPA Special Education: Emotional Disability Exam

The AEPA Special Education: Emotional Disability Exam consists of four sections of questions that you must complete in order to show qualification to teach in Arizona public schools.

The first section, Understanding Students with Emotional Disabilities, 24% of the test, has questions about educational theories on emotional disabilities, types and characteristics of emotional disabilities, and the impact of emotional disabilities on learning processes.

Assessing Students and Developing Individualized Education Programs, 19%, shows your understanding of assessment methods, working in a multidisciplinary team, and developing an IEP.

Promoting Student Development and Learning, 38%, asks about establishing a healthy learning environment, promoting student social and communication skills, fostering study skills, and facilitating the transition to adult life.

Part four, Working in a Collaborative Learning Community, 19%, requires a knowledge of how to establish solid working relationships with other school members, family, community resources, and professionals in order to promote learning for students with emotional disabilities. This section also asks questions on the history, responsibilities, and current trends of the field.