AEPA Special Education: Hearing Impaired Exam

To show qualification for teaching hearing impaired students in the Arizona public schools, a test taker must successfully answer questions on the AEPA Special Education: Hearing Impaired Exam. The exam has four sections that are based on AEPA Learning Objectives.

The first section, worth 19%, is Understanding Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. You will be questioned on characteristics of hearing loss, its impact on learning, and theories related to language and speech development.

Assessing Students and Developing Individualized Education Programs, 26%, is part two. The test taker must understand assessment procedures for a student’s auditory functioning and language and speech development; this section also covers development of an IEP to promote successful student learning.

The third section, Promoting Student Development and Learning, is worth 36% and covers creating a learning environment, techniques for promoting language and speech development, and teaching self-reliance and life skills.

Working in a Collaborative Learning Community (19%) assesses a person’s ability to work in a multidisciplinary team to promote the student’s development.