AEPA Special Education: Learning Disability Exam

The AEPA Special Education: Learning Disability Exam covers topics you need to know in order to successfully teach in Arizona public schools. The test is comprised of four sections.

The first, Understanding Students with Specific Learning Disabilities, makes up 19% of the score. You must understand the characteristics of learning disabilities: receptive and language disorders; perceptual, memory, and thinking disorders; and the behavioral, social, and emotional conditions that accompany learning disabilities.

Section two, Assessing Students and Developing Individualized Education Programs, 19%, demonstrates your knowledge of assessment methods, including ongoing assessments and the development of IEPs for student success.

Promoting Student Development and Learning, 46%, will have questions on instructional methods to promote learning skills in all areas, such as reading, literacy, oral and written expression, math, and functional skills.

The last section, Working in a Collaborative Learning Community is worth 16%. Questions will deal with how to establish working partnerships with other school personnel, family, community and professionals.