AEPA Special Education: Mental Retardation Exam

The AEPA Special Education: Mental Retardation Exam covers concepts you need to understand in order to be a teacher in the field in Arizona public schools. Questions based on the AEPA Learning Objectives come from four areas.

First, Understanding Students with Mental Retardation, 22% of the test, tests your knowledge of the types and characteristics of mental retardation, from mild to severe.

The second part, Assessing Students and Developing Individualized Education Programs, is worth 17%. You will need to understand assessment methods, the development of IEPs, and options for students with mental retardation.

Third is Promoting Student Development and Learning, 39%. Questions include strategies to promote student learning of academic, social, and independent living skills. It also covers student transition to adult life.

The fourth section, Working in a Collaborative Learning Community, 22%, demonstrates your knowledge of techniques for effective collaboration with families, community resources, and professionals.