AEPA Special Education: Visually Impaired Exam

The AEPA Special Education: Visually Impaired Exam measures your competence to teach in this field according to Arizona Academic Standards. The test is comprised of four parts.

The first section, Understanding Students with Visual Impairments is worth 22% of the test. The test taker must know how visual impairments impact learning, communication, social/emotional, and physical/motor development. Questions cover tools, such as environmental adaptations, low vision aids, and optics.

The second section is Assessing Students and Developing Individualized Education Programs, 22%. It covers assessing students with visual impairments and developing IEPs. Also included is the assessment of academic, motor, communicative/conceptual, and life skills.

The third section, Promoting Student Development and Learning, 38%, includes questions about creating an efficient learning environment, teaching students to use other senses, and fostering communication, literacy, and functional living skills.

For Working in a Collaborative Learning Community, 18%, the test taker will answer questions on developing partnerships with school personnel, family members, the community, and professional resources for the advancement of the visually impaired student.