AEPA Superintendent Exam

The AEPA Superintendent Exam is one of three administrator exams. The test will assess your leadership skills. There are five sections.

Leadership of the Educational Organization, 19%: Understand how to develop a mission, foster professional innovation and staff advancement, and make use of educational research.

Social, Cultural, and Legal Context, 19%: Know how to cultivate an equitable work environment, work within the legal framework of Arizona law, and cooperate with other school officials.
Effective Communication, 19%: Demonstrate communication strategies that are effective with students, staff, parents, and the community.
Management of the Educational Organization, 24%: Apply principles of organizational management, provide effective decision making, understand school finance, and know how to effectively manage human resources and school services.
Curriculum and Instruction, 19%: Understand curriculum planning and implementation as well as effective evaluation and assessment techniques.