AEPA Supervisor Exam

One of three administrator exams, the AEPA Supervisor Exam consists of five areas to test your knowledge of leadership.

Educational Leadership, 20% of the score: The test taker must know how to promote the educational organization, foster innovation and change, and advance professional development.

Social, Cultural, and Legal Context, 20%: You are required to understand how to work within Arizona statutes to provide equity in school programs. You must also be familiar with school governance and educational policies, as well as the role of government authorities in school governance.

Effective Communications, 20%: You must understand how to communicate effectively in order to encourage feedback from staff and community and to promote teamwork.

Educational Management, 20%: You should be able to apply management principles to a variety of fields, including organizational management, human resources, and financial support.

Curriculum and Instruction, 20%: You are required to demonstrate knowledge of curriculum planning and implementation, instructional methods, and assessment techniques.